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Justice Party promise to be an attractive
and appealing party as one team.

Welcome, visiting Justice Party website.

After the integrating convention last year, Justice Party became bigger and stronger as a truly progressive only party in Korea. We strongly believe Justice Party to become a major political party breaking the old two-party system in the wake of the general election this April.

Justice Party will show the difference in politics compares to what other parties have shown so far.

Justice Party dreams of the society where the standard for the national development is changed from 'growth' to 'happiness'. We will make the society where there is justice in distribution by overcoming the winner-takes-all system.

We do not fight just for party interests. We do fight for the people in the field where nobody fights for them. We fight fiercely for the public welfare what people think most important in life. Justice party will focus on the people and be with citizens. We will reflect the voice of the socially disadvantaged people and be in the forefront of political reform against power-politics and vested interests. We will never attempt to drift to the left or to the right of the big parties.

Desperate tears of people by one man's tyranny must be disappeared. Justice Party believes in the value of hard work gives true happiness in life. We believe in young generations to have hopes instead frustration. We, Justice Party will support all labors in the workforce to realize the justice in every part of life.

Be proud and love Justice Party as Justice Party is proud of you. With all the support and love, Justice Party will continuously change towards a strong and appealing political party.

Now Justice Party is Here.

Now We are here for you.

2016. 2. 15

Leader of Justice Party
Sim, Sang Jung