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Justice Party promise to be an attractive
and appealing party as one team.


We, the Justice Party, continue on the proud traditions of progressive politics against oppression and exploitation as a light of hope for laborers and the dream of a just society for all citizens.

Formed in 2012 as the Progressive Justice Party, we have changed the party name to the Justice Party in 2013.

The Justice Party is a party for the working people. Our party focuses on protecting and expanding the rights of all working people by promoting extensive solidarity.

The Justice Party is a party of realist-dreamers, who work towards the ideal while pursuing change that is practicable now.

The Justice Party firmly believes in the principals of democracy, that the best way to achieve social progression is through democracy, and that real change in Korea can be achieved through politics.


The Justice Party strives for a just welfare state. It is the concrete vision for Korea as envisioned for the government set forth the Justice Party as it rises in power.

A just welfare state provides a fair environment for everyone to seek happy lives and fair opportunities for everyone to seek personal development, for any stage or area of their lives.

The Justice Party will also work to identify and moderate the predacity of the market and capitalists.

In order to fulfill that goal, the Justice Party will creatively develop system fit for a 21st century Korea, based on the historical experiences of foreign progressive parties' practices of freedom, equality, solidarity, ecology, and peace, as well as social democracy successes of other welfare states.


The Justice Party holds the 7 major visions for a just welfare state as below:

(1) Political reform for democracy and a strong party
(2) Democratic reform for Korean capitalism and an alternate economic structure
(3) Environmentally sustainable society
(4) Universal rights for citizens and expansion of labor rights
(5) Society without discrimination where everyone is respected and
(6) Universal welfare support for all stages and areas of life
(7) Leader of peace for East Asia and the Korean Peninsula

The 7 major visions encompass our detailed design to fundamentally change Korea, that is suffering from the winner-takes-all system set up by the chaebol and the foreign financial capitalists.

We will strive to create Korea that rises above the polarization and inequality created by developmental dictatorship and neoliberalism, where everyone can live decent lives without discrimination.

We will make Korea a land where nature and humanity coexist. We will strive for peace in the Korean peninsula where both South and North can cooperate for mutual prosperity.


The Justice Party has 35,000 party members, and this party belongs to them. They are all citizens and laborers who desire a just welfare state.

The power of the Justice Party comes from its members.

The Justice Party operate various party member participatory systems to realize party democracy focusing on party members, such as the rights of any party member to propose a general party member vote.

All party members are eligible to run for party leadership.
Party members vote for party leadership and candidate nominations.
We have recently created a balloted leadership system, and will continue to conduct new political experiments for the expansion of party member democracy.


Party members are also actively participating in party activities spread out over 100 or so regional committees across the nation.

Members are also actively participating in various subcommittees, such as the Committee for Gender Equality, Committee for Disability Rights, Committee for Sexual Minority Rights, and the Committee for Students and Youth.

The Justice Party's National Assembly activities are carried out based on the 6 members.
Although our representation is small, we hold a role that is no less than the two major parties.

The 6 National Assembly members are well noticed by the population with new kinds of legislative activities that are differentiated from those of the two major parties that have dominated the National Assembly for the three decades since 1987.

The activities of the 18 local assembly members are no less remarkable.
Despite the dominance of the privileged establishment in the local assemblies around the nation, the Justice Party local assembly members are striving hard to substantiate citizen autonomy.


The Justice Party has shown continuous growth since its founding.

Starting on July of 2017, Lee Jeongmi heads up the 4th party leadership, following the past leadership of Roh Hoechan and Jo Junho in 2012, Cheon Hosun in 2013, Sim Sangjung in July 2015, Sim Sangjung, Na Gyungche, and Kim Sekyun in November 2015.

Within that duration, the Justice Party has grown rapidly.
We are establishing our image as an influential party with growing party membership, regional organizations, national approval ratings, and National Assembly influence.

The Candlelight Revolution of 2017 and the 19th National Assembly elections have opened new possibilities for the Justice Party. Women, youth, temporary employees, and sexual minorities. These are the members who flocked to the Justice Party, that constitute the majority of our society when combined but have been pushed out of mainstream politics.


With the 4th party leadership settling in, the Justice Party is blazing new trails for Korean politics.

We will end the practice of Korean democracy that focuses on the winners, where the socioeconomically disadvantaged have remained unrepresented. We will strive to realize a democracy for everyone that can bring back the excluded majority in focus, and work to actualize each step of our plan to become a governing party.

The Justice Party will be a true opposition party that cooperates in real reform but criticizes inadequate ones. We will thoroughly oppose any anti-reform movement that opposes the reforms demanded by the Candlelight Revolution.


Moreover, the Justice Party will be a driving force of change for Korean politics in this era of catastrophic change.

We will work to reform Korean politics, as they represent the largest risk to the Candlelight Revolution. We will completely reform the old and worn political order from before the Candlelight Revolution.

The Justice Party will play a leading role in suggesting and practicing the '2017 System for Equality and Coexistence'. We will add 'Industrial Democracy' to Income-led Growth, initiating a 'Labor-led Growth' policy.

We will stay the path of 'Anti-war' and 'Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula'. We will also continue to work towards '0 Reliance on Nuclear Power and the Post-Nuclear Era'. We will open up an 'Era of Gender Equality'.

The Justice Party will continue to strive, as the only National Assembly party that can wholly fulfill the tasks set forth by the Candlelight Revolution.

Justice Party (Republic of Korea)